CCTV surveillance is an integral part of modern security systems. It deters criminal activity and helps to keep your staff, customers and assets secure. It can also provide evidence in the event of crime.

Innovative CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Aver Security designs, installs and maintains state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring solutions. These range from small set-ups with a few cameras to enterprise systems with hundreds of IP cameras on a network, controlled by the latest surveillance software. The actual solution you get will be personalised to you and your unique requirements. It will also comply with current security industry standards and data protection regulations including GDPR.


Latest CCTV Technology

At Aver Security, we keep up to date with the latest innovations in the industry. We’re accredited partners of leading suppliers including Hikvision, Axis CCTV and Dahua CCTV. This means we provide cutting-edge technology including network / IP cameras, megapixel HD cameras, night vision and thermal cameras, PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras, network and digital recorders, cloud storage, video analytics, and Video Management Software (VMS).

Our Service

When you contact Aver Security, we’ll send an experienced security expert to survey your facilities and design a solution to meet your requirements. The solution will be personalised to you, and could involve an upgrade or a new system. It could also be integrated with your access control and fire / intruder detection systems – to give you total fire and security protection. We’ll also install and commission your CCTV system, and maintain it on an on-going basis.