Intruder alarm systems help to keep your premises secure and your staff safe. They ensure that any intrusion is detected as soon as it occurs, so you can quickly do something about it.

Latest Intruder Detection Solutions

Aver Security designs, installs and maintains a full range of cutting-edge intruder systems. These include wired and wireless solutions, panic attack /duress alarm systems, perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS), active infrared (IR) beams and passive infrared (PIR) sensors. We can also link them to your CCTV, access control and PA systems (for example) to give you a fully integrated solution. And we can, of course, set up a monitoring service for you.


Highest Standards in Intruder Detection

We’re SSAIB certified for intruder alarm systems, and work to the highest standards in the industry. All our intruder systems are fully compliant with British and European standards including DD 243, EN 50131 and EN 50136. This includes the specification of alarm signals sent to remote monitoring locations such as Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs). We’ll ensure that your intruder alarms are compliant with the latest legislation and insurance requirements.

Our Service

When you contact Aver Security, we’ll send an experienced security expert to survey your facilities and design a solution to meet your requirements. It’ll be a bespoke solution that’s designed for you. It could be an upgrade or a brand new system – and perhaps be integrated with your other security systems as outlined above. And once we’ve designed the solution, we’ll install it and then maintain it.